Friday, July 6, 2012

A first step!

So my adventure into cloth diapering started about 3 years ago when I was expecting #3. My sister, who was due at the same time had made the decision to go cloth. I thought, "Are you crazy?" Then I started looking into them and thought wow maybe I could do this. So I talked to my husband, who incidentally does most of our laundry, said no. Now as I am preparing to have #4, I brought up the subject again, Gave him all the pros and committed to be the designated poopy remover. He finally agreed. So here we embark an a new experience. As I have been studying the process, I have been trying to figure out what style of diaper would suit my family. I had initially settled on the thought of fitted diapers with covers. I had mad that choice based mostly on the fact that I wanted to be able to reuse the cover all day as often as possible. I now am leaning toward pocket and All in 2s because of the flexibility for absorbancy and because it is easier to get a one size in these styles. I have ordered a set of pockets off of ebay and am waiting for them to arrive. I am so excited to get them and start my stash. They are a low cost option from china I chose to go with to see how I feel about the pocket style in person. I am drooling over a large number of American made brands and researching do find what will work best in the beginning. If anyone has any suggestions as to where to start for newborns I would be happy to hear them. Thank You for taking the time to read about my new adventure and for the advice if offered.

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