Monday, August 6, 2012

My First favorite diaper shop

As I mentioned in my previous post I am very excited to try a bunch of different diaper brands to see which I would prefer. Well, in all of my adventures of diaper learning I happened upon a store called Dearest Diapers. They have this package called a sampler. You decide which level of sampler you want to buy and then they will send you diaper products over the value of what you pay.

I decided I would try it out and order the lowest cost package. Within a couple days, at most 4, I recieved my package in the mail. I was so excited. It was like Christmas. I open the package and the first thing I see was an adorable little cloth diaper keychain. They had been having a givaway an anyone who spent more than $20 dollars on an order that week would be entered into the drawing. I won I was ecstatic. But even better than that was when I got into my package and saw all the great fluff. I ended up getting a really nice prefold, a Grovia all in one newborn size in the bicycle print, a set of Boingo diaper fasteners, a fuzzibunz perfect size extra small in a light green color, and a sample of laundry soap that made my entire package sniff worthy.

I was so totally thrilled with the package that at my first opportunity, aka next paycheck, I ordered another sampler. This time I got the next size up. I got my fluffy mail today. I am yet again so happy. I recieved3 all in one diapers and a cover. The wonderful proprietor of Dearest Diapers was thoughtful enough to send the cover because of the prefold I had received with my previous order. I am very pleased with my current experiences with this company and cant wait to make my next order from Dearest Diapers

I also ordered a package of Rockin' Green Hard Rock laundry soap in my most recent order. I plan to talk more about that in an upcoming post as I see how it works for myself and my sister as we combine our diaper laundry until my baby is born. In other words I am having her prep my diapers as she does her diaper laundry. So look for that in the future.

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